The answer to this question is easy… I have no idea. Autism and SPD are both neurological conditions that can impact the way the brain perceives and responds to information. But what are the differences?

This topic is of special interest to me. I am currently struggling with whether or not Sensory Processing Disorder explains all of the intricacies of JC’s behavior. For example, at 18 months the assumption was made (not by me, but by medical professionals) that he would most likely develop autism because of his severe sensory issues and speech delay. He was also showing several “red flags” on the M-Chat at that time. But at his 2 year checkup, his pediatrician verbalized her surprise that he had shown marked improvement on his M-Chat scores and was not inclined to test him for Autism. I believe that because of the early intervention and intensive therapy both during sessions and at home, he has shown so much improvement that Autism is no longer an assumption, but merely a possibility (and yes, it is still a possibility). There have been new and worsening behaviors over the past few months and I can’t help but wonder (and by “wonder” I really mean “over-analyze” and be “paranoid” about) whether or not he may actually have signs of Autism. So the research behind this blog entry was as much for me as it was for any reader. I needed to know the answer to the question: What is the difference between SPD and Autism?
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